Child Inclusive Mediation

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Child Inclusive Mediation is a specialised service that enables parents to gain insight into how their children are being affected by the separation. This service assists parents in making informed and appropriate parenting decisions.

Our Child Inclusive Mediation process involves individual sessions with our psychologist, Hollie, for both parents and children. During these hour-long sessions, Hollie will listen to the views, wishes, and opinions of each parent and child. Parents are encouraged to openly discuss their separation and any concerns they may have about the other parent’s care, as this will help to determine the best parenting schedule for the children.

Our aim is to provide a supportive and constructive environment that helps families navigate this challenging time.

A child-only mediation session

Hollie will meet with the children individually following the completion of the parents’ sessions. Our Child Inclusive Mediation service has been thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for young people, ensuring that they do not feel pressured to take sides or choose between their parents.

One-on-one consultations offer a valuable opportunity for Hollie to gain insight into the children’s perspectives and develop an informed opinion on possible parenting schedules and arrangements. In some cases, where a child may reject one parent, whether due to legitimate reasons or parental alienation, these consultations can be particularly helpful.

After the interview process

Upon completing the interview process, a mediation session will be scheduled with an independent mediator to discuss future parenting arrangements. This child-centric session focuses on maintaining your children’s best interests by considering their perspectives and empowering them to achieve emotional stability and greater happiness. Your children do not attend, and we instead advocate on their behalf. Our primary objective is to ensure your child has a voice in the room.

What we may discuss in future mediation sessions:

Fee: $2,500 + GST

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