Child Counselling

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At Family Psych Matters, our mission is to help children become the best versions of themselves. Our psychologist, Hollie, uses a warm and nurturing approach to help our clients address and overcome any problems and emotional issues they are experiencing.

Working with children and young people is Hollie’s specialty. She has dedicated the last ten years of her career to providing a positive and safe space for children and young people experiencing emotional, social, and behavioural concerns and improving mental health and well-being.

At Family Psych Matters, we provide specialised therapy in a nurturing and judgement-free environment where children feel safe to explore and express their feelings, empowering them to move past the barriers and challenges impeding on their happiness, confidence, well-being and safety.

Hollie’s approach to psychological practice ensures that children and adolescents participate in therapies and interventions that are developmentally appropriate and address their individual needs. Her goal is to provide children and young people with the strategies to become their most confident selves.

A personalised treatment plan will be developed for each family to assist your children in dealing with the challenges they face and to equip them with lifelong skills and methods of coping with difficult situations.

Child counselling is used to treat various psychologically related issues, including:

At Family Psych Matters, we understand that children and adolescents form part of larger communities, including family and school.

Hollie can work in collaboration with schools, agencies, and other professionals to help children and young people associated with these communities put their best selves forward.

Direct consultation with schools, agencies and other professionals is also available.

Fee: $200 + GST per hour

Note: Fee is for standard service only, additional fees may apply. Find out more

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